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friends only

Want to be my friend? Please comment, tell me something about yourself, and add me as a friend so I can see what you're like.

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awwww i love the banner!

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Thank you. I couldn't find one in Disney communities that I liked, so I was forced to make it myself. It has Eeyore in it, which was one of my prerequisites. :)

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oooh I love it too! So beautiful and magical and nostalgic all at the same time.

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Too cute

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Nicole, that pic is too cute. No more anonymous posts for me (although I do always sign them). I don't want to be in the same category as those jerks! I hope you'll add me, and I wanted to say I miss ya! I've been reading but not very good about commenting.
I've started to "start" my journal about two dozen times... but have not posted anything yet. I'm getting there though. I've never been as good with words as you!
On another note, the adorable outfit you sent Jaiden finally fits! He has worn it several times and you would not believe how many positive comments he gets on it. I will take his picture when he wakes up from his nap so we can send it to you.
And whatever you decide to do with LJ... your real friends will always be here with you.
Love ya!

Re: Too cute

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Of course I'll add you. It's readers like you that I didn't want to cut out of my livejournal life.

I can't wait to see a picture of Jaiden!

Anyway, glad that you joined livejournal. Hugs!

Re: Too cute

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Re: Too cute

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meeee! jacqui! yay! XD hi!

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i stumbled across your journal while looking for eeyore stuff ... can you add me :)

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Sure-- I always love fellow Eeyore fans. :)

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awwwwwww pooh!!! my daughters room is done all in classic pooh I LOVE it!! hehe. Target has TONS of classic pooh baby decorating stuff!!!

I'd love to be a freind!

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Yeah... I'm a huuuuuuuuuuuge Disney fan. I'm sure most the stuff we'll get at a shower will be Classic Pooh stuff, since I'm such an Eeyore nut. It's not necessarily a bad thing, because Classic Pooh is adorable, but I'll have to see what else there is before I make a decison.

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Your pooh page is just too cute!! I'd love to follow along with you :)

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I'll add you if you'd like, but I warn you-- my journal has been taken over by pregnancy ramble, at least until August, but then it probably will be taken over by baby ramble. :)

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Hi! I'd love to be added as a friend!

Darcismommy from august_2006 lives in Redwood City. I think we should all meet up somewhere and introduce our kidlets!!

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We should! I think there's one other person in our August community that is in San Mateo County. Hmm. (I already have darcismommy on my friendslist.)

Added, btw. :P

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Hey there! I'd love to add you as a friend since we live so close and have baby's about 3 weeks apart. I don't post all that often in my journal but love to read others'. :) PS- We "met" in the August '06 community.

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Sure! I'll definitely add you. I've lived in this area all my life-- I grew up in Millbrae.

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Hi! Please come join my community [ profile] sfbayparents and invite your friends too! :-)

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Hi it's Leah Marie writing on behalf of her husband, Reuben. Thanks so much for the add so we can both share the gallery of Corey.

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ps it's me add me back

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Hey peek a boo! Just wanted to ask if I could add ya because I think you're a pretty cool gal! BTW: You love Eeyore, and I'm a Piglet nut! That's one of Kari's nicknames as well hehe. Corey is so adorable btw!!!

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Yay! I do love all the Pooh characters-- well, pretty much all Disney characters in general-- but I'm a HUGE Eeyore nut. I think in my memories I have a picture of my Eeyore collection. :P

Added. Yay, I can live vicariously through your pregnancy!

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(deleted comment)

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Sure, I'll add ya. :) It's always nice to have more semi-local mommy friends.

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As fans of Eeyore and Corey, I'd love to be a friend :)

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You're a fan of both, too!?! Sure, I'll add ya! I love reading about all the other August babies!

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I don't know why I haven't added you sooner. So I'm adding you now. I'm from the same august 2006 group. :) Hope you'll add me back.

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I'll add you back! Yeah, we should have added one another a long time ago.

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Hi! Cristina talks about you a lot so I thought I'd add you. I hope you don't mind!

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Added you back! :)

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Add me please. I am sorry I removed you. I removed a bunch of people whom I thought were saying mean things about me. I realized who it was and I am so sorry I thought you may have been involved. Can you forgive me? I miss seeing pics of Corey

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No problem! I always wondered why I was removed! I'll add you back.
(deleted comment)

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Added back!

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I'm rachelle's friend and just looking for some bloggy friends!

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Hi! Added you back. :)

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Hi there, mind if I add you? We have some mutual friends and seem to have a lot in common, and I live in the bay area too.

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Sure, no problem. Adding you. :) Just beware-- it's pretty much all pregnancy ranting and pictures in my journal lately... :P

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Hi! We have a friend in common and I have enjoyed your comments when I have seen them. Is it ok if I add you?

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Sure! Adding you. Beware-- I mostly talk about my kids! :P

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Hey, I've been meaning to ask if I can add you. :) I saw you post to an add-me request in the Feb community so I figured you might be open to new friends! Our kids are about the same ages and I think we have a lot in common (as well as some friends in common!)

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Yay, definitely! I don't think I have many people on my friends list with kids the same age as Laurel. Added back. :)

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Hi. My name's Meghan. I was reading your comment in someone else's entry on Pregnant and realized or children have the same name! My sons name is Corey. His b-day is June 28th, 2006. So, if he's 3 and a half, i'm guessing they're sort of close! I don't even know what else to say, lol. I just wanted to know if I could maybe add you?

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Sure! I'll totally add you. :) My Corey's birthday is nearly a month after yours-- July 27, 2006.

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